Watermill to N of Castle Farm, Fulbrook.

Description of this historic site

The earthwork remains of a Medieval watermill. There is documentary evidence for the mill from the Domesday survey and later. The site is at Fulbrook, 550m south of Sherbourne Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 There was a mill at Fulbrook worth 12s in 1086. A mill worth 100s belonged to the manor in 1220 and was leased to Thelsford Priory. By 1285 the mill seems to have been belonged to the Prioress of Pinley who still held it in 1435. The site of this mill may have been on the stream near Castle Farm.
3 The site of a mill is clearly visible at Castle Farm. It is very overgrown, but the remains of a dam exist across what was probably a storage pond. A short distance downstream of the dam are the remains of a possible sluice; two stone walls either side of the stream form a narrow gap through which the water flow could have been controlled. Downstream of the sluice is a second large pond, possibly a fishpond. Behind the sluice is a small channel, possibly an overflow from the dam.
4 Site remains as described in reference 3. Possible traces of a mill building survive as an earthwork between the stream and the mill leat.
5 Mill dam located and surveyed.

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