Site of Manor House to SW of Northbrook, Fulbrook.

Description of this historic site

The site of a manor house dating from the Medieval or Post Medieval period. It is known from documentary evidence. The manor house is situated 300m north west of Northbrook Spinney, Fulbrook.

Notes about this historic site

1 At Northbrook was the site of the manor house of the Grants, a centre of Catholic disaffection during the reigns of Elizabeth and James I. This was the scene of frequent meetings of the conspirators of the Gunpowder Plot during 1605. While being searched after the failure of the Plot an object was found in the moat. The house was probably dismantled soon afterwards. In 1665-74 the house was assessed as 4 hearths and was still occupied in 1682. A sketch of it before the final demolition shows an L-shaped building with 2 apparently plastered gables at one end and a long timber framed hall block with 3 doors, showing that by then it had been divided up.
2 No trace of buildings or building platforms at the site indicated. The ground which is even and grass covered slopes down to the SW.
3 Drawing of 1876.
4 Following a field visit in April/May 2013, recommended re-drawing the possible site boundary of the manor house to encompass an area comprising the entire curtilage of the house and farm rather than merely the old orchard site.
5 Map of Northbrook Farm shows boundaries of fields, field names and acreages as at 1813.
6 Brief description of the manor house of John Gant, with illustration.

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