Site of Avon Mill, Newbold Road, Rugby

Description of this historic site

Avon Mill, a watermill that was originally built during the Medieval period. It continued in use until the Imperial period and was later converted to an inn. The inn incorporates remains of the mill buildings. It is situated at the north end of Newbold Road, Rugby.

Notes about this historic site

1 A mill at Rugby was recorded in 1086 and probably stood on, or near, this site. This would also have been one of the mills at Rugby mentioned in the 16th century. Information on ownership exists for the 19th century and 20th century. By 1866 abstraction of water from the river by Rugby waterworks was causing problems for the miller, and the need to supplement income may have been one reason for converting the mill house into an inn. The mill closed in 1930 but the inn is still open. With the exception of the wheelhouse the mill buildings still stand, although they have been considerably altered in recent years. All the machinery has been removed and the tail race filled in to form a car park. The site of the mill pool is occupied by a swimming pool.
2 1983: It appeared that the inn and mill buildings had been demolished, and a new public house and car park stood in their place.
3 1989: A visit to the site revealed that the present Avon Mill public house does in fact incorporate a substantial portion of the original mill buildings. The surviving parts appear to include the main mill structure together with several outbuildings at the rear. These have been extensively altered and added to in recent years.

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