Enclosure or field boundary E of Meranti Lodge

Description of this historic site

An enclosure of Roman date may be part of a larger field system. The features are visible as cropmarks on aerial photographs and are situated 500m south east of the church at Clifton upon Dunsmore.

Notes about this historic site

1 A sub-circular enclosure shows on air photographs.
2 The field was planted with a potato crop, and nothing was visible on the surface.
3 Another cropmark at SP536762 may indicated the site of a gravel pit which is recorded on a tithe map of 1851.
4 A desk based study and trial excavation were carried out ahead of proposed development in April 1988. The excavation revealed a single ditch forming the north-western element of the enclosure. The artefactual assemblage suggested a second to third century date for its use and abandonment. The ditch could represent the western side of a Roman field, possibly associated with a farmstead or farmsteads located to the NE and SE in the vicinity of cropmarks WA 4163 and WA 6809.

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