Site of Saxon Cemetery 600m NW of Top Farm

Description of this historic site

The site of an Anglo Saxon cemetery dating to the Migration or Early Medieval period. Cremation urns containing fragments of human bone were found. Finds included brooches, part of a sword blade and two spearheads. The site is located to the south of Marton.

Notes about this historic site

1 Very similar to 2.
2 Remains exhumed about two years ago at Marton in cutting through an artificial hill or tumulus, on which stood a windmill (PRN 3157), for the formation of the Rugby and Leamington Railway. Bloxam was unable to examine this work, but thought that there were several sepulchral urns. Bloxam had two of equal size and shape, and a third, about half the size, was deposited in the Museum at Warwick. These urns are plain and of plain globular form. With the urns, which contained fragments of bones, were found other items, including two iron spearheads, part of a possible sword blade, a circular bronze fibula and the pin of a larger fibula.
3 Remains of an iron sword, part of a shield boss, three annular bronze brooches, one large bronze pin and a saucer brooch which lay on top of the bones in one of the urns. Bloxam also had two spearheads from the site. Catalogue numbers A245, A246, A1528-A1532, A1621, A1652-3.
7 Mentioned in gazetteer.
8 Drawing.
9 Record card.

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