Site of Roman Settlement 400m NE of Coton Farm

Description of this historic site

During an archaeological excavation an area of the Roman settlement of Tripontium was found. Ditches, pits, evidence of buildings and several burials were excavated. The finds included coins and brooches. The site lies 1km west of Shawell.

Notes about this historic site

1 Occupation on the W side of Watling Street excavated from 1963 onwards in advance of gravel extraction. On this side occupation extends further from Watling Street but this has been largely destroyed by gravel digging.
2 Further excavation 1966-8. Beam-slots, drainage or boundary ditches, occupation levels, and rubbish pits were scattered all over this area. These features were predominantly 2nd century and 3rd century. As on other sites a number of burials were found and also several wells. Finds included pottery, coins, brooches and other metal finds.
4 Plan.

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