Kenilworth Castle - Site of 13th Century Buildings

Description of this historic site

Site of Medieval Period walls set along the curtain wall of Kenilworth Castle north east of Mortimer's Tower.

Notes about this historic site

1 Archaeological observation in the outer court of Kenilworth Castle during the excavation of a trench for a replacement electrictiy cable revealed three stone walls belonging to a building or buildings against the curtain wall north-east of Mortimer’s Tower. The most southerly wall would appear to have run against a slit window in a service block within the curtain wall so it is likely to have been of the same date. The service block is thought to date to the 13th century and the wall foundation recorded may well be earlier

A plan of 1656 (Dugdale 1730, 238), surveyed prior to the slighting of the Castle in the civil war shows no signs of buildings in this area¬Ö

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