Roman pit, Alcester.

Description of this historic site

A Roman pit was excavated and various finds were recovered from this feature and the surrounding area. Finds included Roman coins, and pottery. Paths, possibly of Roman date were also found at this site, on the east side of Birch Abbey, Alcester.

Notes about this historic site

1 Davis excavated in the Abbey or Nursery Gardens and in the Abbey School Gardens – now mostly taken over by the needle works – on many occasions. He found a good deal of pottery here. In June 1925 he found a ‘Belgic’ urn in which was grey-black matter. Other finds include much coarse ware, Samian, nails, mortar, concrete, a refuse pit with animal bones, a course of burnt rubbish and a path of gravel stones, a spindle whorl and one large brass and a bronze coin.
2 Mentioned. The Belgic urn was dated to the mid-late first century by Prof. Atknison, which was considered the earliest occupation at Alcester, apart from the coins.
3 Mentioned; presented to the society by Davis in 1927.

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