Site of Med House 100m W of Lawn Cottage

Description of this historic site

The site of a Medieval house and various occupation features and finds. The site was excavated and was situated 100m west of Lawn Cottage.

Notes about this historic site

1 1968: Site discovered by ploughing which revealed in a normally reddish soil a very black area (approx 200 sq ft) containing many large pieces of Medieval pottery. Excavation produced over six cwts of pottery, mainly from a semicircular area, the straight side of which was a ‘U’-shaped ditch also filled with pottery. At first it was thought to be a kiln site but it was realised that the sherds were occupation pottery. A wide range of pots is represented including cooking pots, pipkins, jugs, bowls. Other finds include decorated bronze, lead, lead weight, roofslates, tile and nails. An oven and building foundations have also been exposed. The sherds suggest a date in the late 13th century.
2 1970: Work continued. Structures excavated include a paved area, a stone-lined drain, an extension to drainage gullies, a wall, post holes and a hearth. There were also two areas with a noticeable scatter of nails. Other finds included decorated floor tiles, oven tiles and a whetstone.

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