Site of Deserted Medieval Settlement at Larkstoke

Description of this historic site

The site of a Medieval deserted settlement 100m west of Lower Larkstoke. Roads and house platforms are visible as earthworks.

Notes about this historic site

1 ‘The Town’.
2 ?deserted settlement.
3 Medieval pottery and building stone are said to have come from the area during field survey.
4 Earthworks plotted along with Ridge and Furrow in Admington Parish (see PRN 6386).
5 Earthworks planned and described, and fieldwalking survey undertaken.
6 Field survey results described. Also a small rectangular earthwork, possibly a minor moated site, visible on AP in 1947, only traces of this feature now survive.
7 A water pipe trench across the Town field revealed the expected quantity of Medieval pottery, together with pieces of stone indicating that the trench had disturbed the wall foundations of peasant houses. The date range of the pottery seems to lie in the period between the 12th and 15th century, and there was no RB pottery at all. It was discovered that the village of Lark Stoke extended onto the eastern side of the stream that was originally thought to mark its boundary. 4 tofts have been noticed lying on a narrow terrace on the eastern bank of the stream opposite the Town.
8 The site of the manor house at Lark Stoke may well have been at Upper Lark Stoke as there is a well defined platform to the E of the modern house, and at present a lack of any clear evidence of medieval occupation on the site of Lower Lark Stoke Farm.
9 The deserted settlement is located on the south east facing slopes of a small valley close to Lower Larkstoke Manor in the fields called the ‘Town’. A settlement is first recorded at Larkstoke in the Domesday Survey when it already included the households of 9 peasants and 2 slaves. By the mid 14th century the settlement has 12 holdings and there were 11 tax paying households in 1380. The community were probably largely dependant upon arable agriculture, with documentation suggesting that over 400 acres were under plough in a township of 475 acres. There are a number of sites associated with the Medieval settlement: a mill (Bog Mill), and a manor house. The settlement was deserted during the 15th century, with only 4 residents recorded in 1464 and 1522. The site is recorded as deserted by Rous in 1486. Larkstoke Deserted Medieval Village is in a very good state of preservation with the earthwork remains of roads, tofts and crofts in evidence.
10 Scheduling record.
11 Correspondence and notes about the site.

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