Undated road

Description of this historic site

The line of an undated road which once passed through the village of Wasperton. It was probably the main route between Barford and Hampton Lucy before the modern road was constructed. The village road is now a dead end, but a footpath still follows part of the route.

Notes about this historic site

1 Wasperton village is sited just off the main road. The village proceeds by a series of zigzags to a dead end at Manor Farm. The modern road is probably later than the village and the village probably once lay on what was then the main Barford to Hampton Lucy road. On a map of 1686 access from the N was made by way of a track running parallel to the Avon and joining ‘the Green Road’ at Forge Cottage and Holloway Farm. The track survives today as a footpath. S of the village the course of the old road is probably preserved in the track (bridle path) running from the gate of Manor Farm House, crossing the Thelsford Brook at Hail End Bridge and joining the Charlecote to Hampton Lucy road before crossing the Avon outside Hampton Lucy. Thus Wasperton probably formerly lay on the main road from Barford to Hampton Lucy.

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