Rowington Park

Description of this historic site

In the Medieval period a deer park existed in the centre of the parish of Rowington and it possibly contained a rabbit warren. By 1606 documents record that the park had been broken up and turned to pasture.

Notes about this historic site

1 Rowington Park was an area of woodland lying in the centre of the parish, to the SW of the Birmingham to Warwick Road and between Rowington Hall and High House Farm. No firm boundaries have been established. It was for the use of the Abbey of Reading and its Abbot. It is possible that the boundary had been ditched and enclosed by a palisade, but no firm evidence is recorded. A warriner and a swineherd were employed. It was established around 1133 and was perhaps 350 statute acres in extent. By 1606, when a survey of field names was taken, the park appears to have been broken up. The only record is of ‘le great parke 37 acres’ and ‘le little parke 12 acres’, both used as pasture. The 1550 – 1650 map in this book refers to the possible site of the rabbit warren within the old park.

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