Stoneleigh Monastic Rabbit Warren

Description of this historic site

Possible site of an artificial rabbit warren associated with the South Garden of Stoneleigh Abbey, suggested primarily be place name evidence. There is some doubt about its interpretation as a medieval/post-medieval warren; it has also been interpreted as part of the drain system.

Notes about this historic site

1 …part of a field named ‘Cunneyore’? in 1597 the ‘Conery’ in 1749 and ‘Cunnery Close’ in 1766. Thses names suggest that the field was the site of an artificial rabbit warren, presumably belonging to the abbey.
The earliest feature recorded is likely to be the undated stone feature with sloping sides and capstones, probably part of a drain or possibly a medieval / early post medieval rabbit warren, although the fact that it is below ground may suggest the former is more likely.

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