Possible Round Barrow 400m SE of Field Farm

Description of this historic site

The site of a possible round barrow, a mound of earth usually built to conceal a burial. The barrow is probably of Bronze Age date. It is located 500m south east of Poole's Wood.

Notes about this historic site

1 Two beorg features, probably barrows rather than hills, are recorded on the W boundary of Oldberrow in a pre-Conquest charter (see also PRN 5171). Each is described as Stanbeorge – ‘Stone Barrow’. The most S ‘barrow’ probably lay at the highest point on the Morton Bagot-Oldberrow boundary, at the above grid reference. There are no signs of a tumulus but it may be significant that the boundary changes direction at this point.
2 The field name here in 1839 was ‘Near Hanbury’, a name which may be traced back to ‘Fanburrows’ in a glebe terrier of 1714, a direct corruption of the Old English form. The field name ‘Stanberries’, recorded beside the same boundary in Morton in 1714, confirms this location.
3 Confirmed as Bronze Age.

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