Possible Round Barrow 600m N of Wetheroak Farm

Description of this historic site

The site of a possible round barrow, a mound usually concealing a human burial. The barrow probably dates to the Bronze Age. The site is located 500m south east of Poole's Wood.

Notes about this historic site

1 Two beorg features, probably barrows rather than hills, are recorded on the W boundary of Oldberrow in a pre-Conquest Charter (see also PRN 5171). Each is described as Stanbeorge – ‘stone barrow’. For one possible site see PRN 1201. Field names, however, indicate a location slightly to the N, where the field ‘Great Stanberrys’ is recorded in 1820. Investigation by a previous worker suggests that the second barrow stood on the Morton Bagot – Oldberrow parish boundary at the above grid reference, and a local farmer recalls that he ploughed out a barrow within recent years. Its location has not yet been verified and a site near the ridge top would seem more likely.
2 There are slight traces of ridge and furrow here, which suggest that any large feature would also have survived. A location on the summit of the ridge (see PRN 6275) seems more likely.
3 Bronze Age dating.

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