Possible Roman settlement E of Rough Hills

Description of this historic site

The possible site of a Roman settlement. The site is suggested by the various finds that have been recovered in the area. These include Roman coins, animal bone and pottery. Building remains and a well have also been found, 580m east of Rough Hills.

Notes about this historic site

1 A well discovered in a quarry with bones of elk, cow, Roman pottery and a few coins, one of Lucius Aurelianus. Other wells have been found in the same vicinity and also skeletons.
2 Some ‘very singular’ buildings were uncovered between Wilmcote and Billesley by quarrymen, but no exact account is preserved. Foundations of blue lias stone of buildings were roughly circular in shape and varied considerably in size. The larger one was from 4.6m to 6m in size, and the smaller ones, of which there were several, were ‘like wells’ and were filled with black earth, horns, skulls and bones; others contained water. Several skeletons were also found. Some bones were also found in what appeared to be a coffin and one man had a sword. These have all disappeared.
3 Well and contents described under Wilmcote.
4 The quarry was at the above grid reference.

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