Roman building with a hypocaust south of the former chemical works, Alcester

Description of this historic site

The remains of a Roman building with a hypocaust was found during archaeological work in Stratford Road, Alcester. The building is thought to be within an area of settlement on the edge of the early Roman town.

Notes about this historic site

12 Stone walled building with an opus signinum floor and a hypocaust. A sequence of deposits from the 2nd century onwards was also present. Secondary source; see below for primary.
3 Sequence of archaeology found during trenches dug in advance of a chemical works. Late 1st to early 2nd century ditch. Overlain by robbed out walls and floor layers including one of mortar. A forth century coin was identified within floor layers associated with a stone and timber building which had a hypocaust. Tesserae were found which may have come from the hypocaust floor. Much of the building was later robbed out, but possibly still during the 4th century.

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