Excavation of Roman Building, Bleachfield Street, Alcester.

Description of this historic site

The remains of a series of timber buildings of Roman date were found during excavations in Bleachfield Street. Evidence for the construction of two roads was also found.

Notes about this historic site

1 1969: Excavation in gardens revealed traces of a succession of timber buildings, the earliest of which may easily be early Flavian. Use of the site continued until late in Roman times. The buildings were aligned N-S and it was impossible to trace any meaningful plans. One timber-framed, daub-walled building had been largely destroyed by fire, probably early in the C2. There was much disturbance from Medieval gravel digging. By the early C2 a street running N-S had been constructed. Later in the C2 this was replaced by another street further W. Before the final resurfacing a large circular timber structure was built encroaching on the site.
3 Excavation report from 1972-3.

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