Possible Millpond 400m S of Whitley Farm

Description of this historic site

Earthworks of a possible Medieval mill pond and dam. The site is located to the east of Edge Lane, Henley in Arden.

Notes about this historic site

1 At Domesday a mill is recorded at Witeleia (Whiteleigh Farm).
2 Topographically it is unlikely that the mill would have been in the vicinity of Kites Green (see PRN 1246). The most likely site is close to the large pool at the above grid reference. Although there is no longer a stream here the valley probably once had a stream. The pool is high and has steep retaining banks on the W, with a lower, but still pronounced bank on the E. Little is left of the N and S banks. The area is still waterlogged. There is a deep cutting down the hill to the W which leads into a second pool, but this may be the result of water erosion. Another pipe leads down the hill into the valley and indicates that a fair volume of water must drain off the hillsides in wet weather. This may have provide a sufficient volume of water to drive a mill.

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