Possible cropmark enclosures and linear features

Description of this historic site

Linear features and enclosures that are visible as cropmarks on aerial photographs. The features are undated but are situated west of Little Wolford.

Notes about this historic site

1 Possible enclosures and linear features identified on air photographs.
2Linear features and enclosures visible on aerial photographs were mapped as part of the English Heritage National Mapping Project. The earliest features of this multi-period site appear to be the two overlapping circular crop marks in the centre of the site, These approximately 20m diameter Bronze Age ring ditches are surrounded on three sides by a broken line of curvilinear ditches, which are at a slightly different orientation to and are cut by some of other crop marks seen on the aerial photographs. Five rectangular enclosures of varying sizes are apparent with varying degrees of clarity. Their outline is diffuse due to the maturity of the cereal crop and confused by the underlying geology. Rectangular enclosures of this nature are usually thought to be Iron Age in date. The pits drawn within the enclosures may be contemporary with them but they may also be an aberration of the underlying geology. The large group of interconnecting orthogonal linear ditches appear to be part of an Iron Age or Romano British field system. The relationship between the field system and the enclosures is not clear. At the southern end of the field there are two linear ditches.

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