Medieval features, Swan Street, Warwick.

Description of this historic site

Wells, pits, post holes and ovens of Medieval date were discovered during an archaeological excavation. The finds included fragments of pottery and a bronze ring. The site is at the junction of Swan Street and High Street, Warwick.

Notes about this historic site

1 1972: Excavation before development. Five trial holes cut by the developers revealed two wells. Well A was cut into bedrock and was unlined. Well B was Post Medieval (PRN 5659). In addition two areas were chosen for excavation, but had been disturbed in recent times. Area 2 produced a number of features: pits, some of which produced 12th century St Neots ware, post holes and a pillar base, traces of three ovens. The area was badly damaged by cellars etc. It would appear that it was occupied by the 12th century when metalworking was being carried out. The presence of rubbish pits and outdoor ovens suggests that this part of the High Street frontage was not built over during the early development of the town. The post holes attest the later infilling of buildings. Finds included pottery, tile, daub, animal bone, a bronze ring and iron items.
2 Plan.

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