Medieval earthwork field system

Description of this historic site

The possible site of a Medieval field system. Field boundaries and trackways are visible as earthworks. The site was wooded during the 18th century and some of the earthworks may represent where trees once stood. The site lies in Castle Park.

Notes about this historic site

1 The field to the west of Leafield Bridge contains a number of earthworks. There are 2 ridges running approx E/W and NW/SE across the site, and a banked ditch. At the western end there is an area of ridge and furrow. The E/W ridge appears on the 1st edition OS 6″ maps as a continuation of the track through Ashbeds Wood; since it doesn’t appear on the 2nd edition, it must have ceased to be used by 1906. On the tithe map and the 1st and 2nd ed OS maps the field is known as ‘the plantation’ and its southern half is wooded. The 2nd ridge corresponds approximately to the line where the trees end and may represent a form of boundary. In 1960 it was known as Longbridge Meadow so the ridge and furrow area is presumably pre-plantation. Most of the trees have been felled this century leaving a pitted surface to the ground. The wet ditch which marks the NE boundary of the field just cuts the NW/SE ridge and doesn’t appear on the first and second edition OS maps, probably a drainage ditch for Leafield Farm. The whole farm has an uneven surface, but there are no other features. It may be tentatively associated with the Deserted Medieval Village of Lee (WA 1977), the precise site of which is unknown. It is liable to flooding.

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