Prehistoric crop mark enclosure, Cawston Grange

Description of this historic site

A Prehistoric enclosure, linear features and a possible ring ditch are visible as cropmarks on aerial photographs. These features may represent the remains of a settlement. The site is located 300m north of Lime Tree Avenue, Rugby.

Notes about this historic site

1 AP.
2 Large subrectangular enclosure with subdivisions shows on aerial photographs.
3 A geophysical survey carried out during 1992 identified the cropmark complex seen on APs. The complex comprises an enclosure with a series of small linear ditches which subdivide the enclosure and possibly relate to an entrance in the western ditch. A probable ring ditch is situated in the south west quadrant of the enclosure and there may be a second one in the eastern half. A further linear feature was identified in the north east of the enclosure but it is difficult to ascertain its relationship with the enclosure.
4 Probably a later Prehistoric farmstead surrounded by enclosure ditches.
5 A trial trench through the linear feature to the north east revealed a ditch with a residual mesolithic blade. No dating evidence was found.

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