Saxon and Medieval settlement evidence, Manor Farm, Flecknoe

Description of this historic site

During archaeological work a cobbled surface was found. The feature dated to the late Medieval or Post Medieval period. It was situated 300m east of the church at Flecknoe. Subsequent work recorded a number of boundary ditches of possible late Saxon origin.

Notes about this historic site

1 In June 1992 the Oxford Archaeological Unit carried out an archaeological evaluation of a plot adjacent to Manor Farm, Flecknoe, in advance of house construction. A cobbled surface was uncovered which appeared to date to the late Medieval period.
2 An archaeological watching brief adjacent to the evaluation of 1992 did not locate the cobbled surface which was noted in the previous evaluation. A Medieval ditch ran E-W along the southern boundary curving around to the south where it was cut by a second ditch. Pottery from the ditch was comprised of 60% St Neots ware, suggesting a late Saxon origin to at least some of these property boundary ditches.

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