Medieval earthwork dam & mill pond

Description of this historic site

The possible site of a Medieval dam which survives as an earthwork. It was probably associated with a mill pond marked on Beighton's map of 1722-5. The site lies on the south side of Vernon's Lane, Nuneaton.

Notes about this historic site

1 Between the Priory and the canal, just to the W of the modern Earls Road, there is an earthwork which must have been a dam across the Barpool Brook. The pond behind this dam, the Barpool, provided water to drive a mill. A survey of 1564 estimates the Barpool as 4.86 ha. Beighton’s map of 1722-5 shows it as about 8.09 – 12.14 ha. The 1889 OS map does not show it as an earthwork apparently because it coincides with a track. It does, however, show two approximately E-W channels or leats and a pond W of the dam.

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