Red Mill, Little Wolford

Description of this historic site

The remains of a watermill possibly dating from the Medieval period, documentary evidence confirms its existence in the Imperial period and it appears on the Ordnance Survey map of 1886. It is located 600m north west of Little Wolford.

Notes about this historic site

Remains of a watermill.

1 Very little is known of the history of this mill, though it may have been one of the mills on the Deerhurst Estate in 1086. The only known millers are J and W Barrett who are recorded from 1854 to 1868. The buildings are marked on the 1886 OS 6″ map but the watercourses seem to have gone by this time. Some of the brick buildings still stand, but all the machinery was removed many years ago.
2 Photo.
3 In CR456/90 at the Warwickshire Record Office, John Hall is listed as the Miller; by 1848 John & William Barrett are tenants. The succession was Lady Day 1846 (see CR456/92) There were new buildings at the Mill in 1847 (CR456/93). In CR456/53, the Ledger from 1848-1858, the Account of J & W Barrett at the Red Mill, the rent from 1854 is £40 per annum for the Red Mill and 10 acres of land. This continues to Lady Day 1864 when “the Mill is disused and done away with” and the rent reduced to £25 p.a. for land only.

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