Undated pond 100m N of Morton Bagot Church

Description of this historic site

An undated pond, possibly used as a fish breeding tank, which is still visible and contains water. It is situated 100m north of the church at Morton Bagot.

Notes about this historic site

1 The small stream issuing from the dammed pool above the church has been diverted into a pond of similar construction to PRN 3752, before reaching the Morton-Oldberrow road. A considerable depth of water may be retained and it is unlikely to have been a pond providing drinking water for stock as access is difficult. There does not, however, appear to have been sufficient water to drive a wheel. The retaining bank has now been breached. It is similar in construction to other ponds noted on Church Farm land (see PRN 3752) and was in existence prior to 1820. A possible explanation for the construction of this pond is that it was a fish-breeding tank used in association with the larger pond upstream.
2 Field survey work and documentary research has yielded considerable evidence of the use of water in the parish.
3 Plan.

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