Lynchets N of Lark Stoke

Description of this historic site

Lynchets (ridges created by ploughing), that may be pre-Medieval in date, survive north of New Covert, Lark Stoke. The lynchets are visible as earthworks.

Notes about this historic site

1 Some observation has been done on the surviving earthworks in Lark Stoke away from the Medieval village site. In a number of places, such as Mapletree Hollow and the field south of The Dingle, there are lynchets (ridges created by ploughing) which may be earlier than the Medieval field system.
2 Lynchets, former boundaries associated with early cultivation, which could be of pre-Medieval date, have been seen in a number of places in Lark Stoke, and are best preserved on the site of New Covert near the northern boundary. At this point the field and township boundary is marked by a pronounced bank and ditch, resembling a park pale or woodland bank. The nearby road is called Park Lane, but as yet has not been properly investigated.

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