Romano British Field System at Glasshouse Wood

Description of this historic site

A field system, comprising banks, ditches and lynchets that all survive as earthworks. The field system seems to be associated with a Roman building. The field system is located in Glasshouse Wood.

Notes about this historic site

1 Glasshouse Wood contains banks, ditches and lynchets, some of which are aligned on the Roman building (PRN 2594) and therefore are probably connected. Most of the earthworks lie to the S of the settlement. Some are post-Roman (PRN 5288). A system of banks runs E-W. These appear to form a number of strips 25-40m wide and 110-200m in length. These can be paralleled at other Roman sites. The area of the settlement was presumably returned to woodland after abandonment of the settlement and has remained as woodland since. This is why they are so well-preserved.
2 Plan.
3 Scheduled as Warwickshire Monument No 167.
5 Scheduling information.

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