Linear Earthwork at Mows Hill Coppice

Description of this historic site

A linear feature of unknown date, which is visible as an earthwork. It is located 350m west of Mows Hill Road.

Notes about this historic site

1 In Mows Hills Coppice is a bank c.80 yards long and 40 wide with two ditches and lying in a direction NNW. Bears a resemblence to Hobditch Causeway.
2 Investigation in the area has suggested the earthworks are connected with game bird rearing. Two ponds were located and may be associated with quarry activity.
3 A site visit showed the coppice to be very overgrown, but the bank was still traced for a short distance. The two ditches were slightly wet under foot. It is not possible to make a positive association between this site and Hobditch Causeway.

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