Cryfield House Farm

Description of this historic site

Cryfield House Farm was established during the Post Medieval period. It was built on land formerly belonging to Cryfield Grange, west of Cryfield Village.

Notes about this historic site

1 Cryfield House Farm was created from part of the Cryfield Grange land, acquired by the Leigh family in 1639. It was formed sometime between 1676 and 1680, and in 1736 it was known as New Cryfield to Cryfield Grange’s Old Cryfield – even though the site had clearly previously been occupied, possibly in the late 12th century as a monastic site (WA 8351). An inventory of the 1720s shows that the farmhouse at that time had only 6 rooms. The present, somewhat larger, Cryfield Farmhouse (now the Vice Chancellor’s Lodge) dates from the 1820s and is built of red brick, presumably supplied by the brickyard to the north (WA 8365). Its substantial sandstone footings may, however, date from an earlier phase of occupation – possibly the 17th or 18th century farm buildings, but possibly the mooted monastic site. Other probable associated features on site include a sandstone lined well, a pavement of laid sandstone blocks and a massive sandstone wall buried in the back garden.

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