Imperial to Modern forge, Dunnington

Description of this historic site

A forge where wrought iron was made. The forge was in use during the Imperial period.

Notes about this historic site

1 Forge, still in use. Building is single storey with red brick tiled roof, and a double door at the west end. Source SWA2697 cannot be found.
2 L-shaped, interior has mostly original fittings. MWA1533 had been incorrectly plotted based on incorrect Grid Reference given in the text of 2. It is described in 1 as being in Dunnington, and transposing one digit in the Grid Reference (from 069573 to 069537) indicates a smithy in Dunnington which precisely fits the description in 1. In fact the correct Grid Reference appears in the index section at the back of 2 and on that basis it has been replotted in the correct location.
3 The NGR given in 2appears to be wrong.

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