Excavation of Roman Building to West of Bleachfield St

Description of this historic site

During an excavation to the west of Bleachfield Street, Alcester, the remains of a Roman building were found.

Notes about this historic site

1 To the west of Bleachfield Street. Clay floors with post holes having a 2.1m spacing were found together with dry stone walling. Below this were traces of C1 occupation. A further large rubbish pit contained much coarse pottery of late C1 – early C2 date.
2 Listed as site no 24.
3 Finds from the excavation include Roman pottery, a string of beads, brooches, tweezers, bone and bronze pins, various other bronze, glass and bone objects.
See FI file for WA 3872.
4 As of 23/10/2009; FI file 3872 cannot be located.
5?Museum record cards from 1971 record a number of finds from Hughes’ Site S.
A. Five pieces of Samian pottery and one other piece (RB84) – annotated presumably Site S or R.
B. Bone pin (RB99).
C. Lead object, fibula, flint object, bone pin (RB85).
D. Bone pin, bronze ornmaneted object, counter (RB86).
E. Glass (?) counters, bronze tweezers(?) (RB87).
F. Bronze pin (RB88).
G. Finger ring (RB89).
H. Iron object, possibly stirrup (RB90).
I. Bone pin, fragment of blue glass, bone counter (RB91).
J. 3 fragments of bone pins and one complete one. Bronze stud (RB92).
K. Bronze object (RB93).
L. Counter (Tiddley-wink) and bronze nail (RB95).

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