Grandborough Mill

Description of this historic site

Grandborough Mill, a watermill which was originally built during the Medieval period. The Medieval mill building was replaced during the Imperial period. This building is still standing but has been converted into cottages. It is situated 400m north east of Grandborough.

Notes about this historic site

1 In 1086 the mill at Grandborough was worth 16d. Two watermills were recorded in the late 13th century. By 1531 the watermill was attached to the manor of Thomas Catesby. Details of ownership exist for the 19th century and 20th century. The mill was worked until c1920. The building was converted into a cottage many years ago. It dates from the mid 19th century and had an internal waterwheel which probably drove two pairs of stones. The head race which fed the wheel still flows beside the mill, and the eel trap beside the sluice gate is intact.

2 A watching brief at the Mill House revealed sandstone slabs which could have formed part of a channel associated with the mill. They were in alignment with the head-race and wheel housing and at approximately the same depth as the housing basin.

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