Neolithic or Bronze Age ring ditch

Description of this historic site

A pear-shaped ring ditch was found during an excavation. It was found to date to the Neolithic or Bronze Age. Inside the ring ditch was a sub circular line of pits, one of which contained a large flint blade, and the possible remains of a mound.

Notes about this historic site

1 Excavated in 1972. A ring ditch approximately 24m in diameter from SW to NE and 27.5m from SE to NW. In plan it formed a pear-shape. The ditch was V-shaped. Two flint flakes were found in the upper fill. In the interior was a sub-circular arrangement of pits some 8m in diameter. A large flint blade was found in one of the pits near the centre of the ring ditch. An area of gravel in the centre of the ring ditch possibly represents the last vestige of a mound.
3 Scheduled as Warwickshire Monument No 139.
4 The site has now been descheduled.

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