Emscote Mill

Description of this historic site

Emscote Mill, the site of a watermill built in the Imperial period. After 1850 it was driven by steam, and then by electricity. The site is now under housing.

Notes about this historic site

1 Built on the N bank of the canal in 1806. It was operated by the firm of Kench and Sons, in conjunction with Rock Mills, until 1961. Excess water from the canal was used to drive an overshot waterwheel. This was replaced by a steam engine in the 1850s. In 1905 the mill was completely rebuilt and modernised. From 1918 the mill was driven by electric motors. The mill closed in 1961. The machinery was removed and the building converted into a pie factory.
2 The pie factory was demolished a few years ago, and has now been replaced by housing development. The factory was immediately adjacent to the road and the canal, on the SE side of the road bridge over the canal.

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