Elephant Close, Rowington

Description of this historic site

A house dating from the Post Medieval period which was once an Inn known as the 'Elephant and Castle'. There was a timber framed barn also dating from the Post Medieval period, but this collapsed around the year 1914. It is situated 500m north west of Rowington church.

Notes about this historic site

1 Probably an early Tudor house. It has a large external chimney at the rear, now rendered, and a wide open hearth. The house was previously an Inn. An old photograph shows that the upper storey was jettied. There was a good timbered barn to the south of the house, lying length way onto the road. It collapsed in a dilapidated condition around 1914. The earliest documentated history for this property is 1785. It is marked as building No. 45 on the 1550 – 1650 map in this book.

2 The property is marked on the First Edition 6″ Ordnance Survey map as the ‘Elephant and Castle Public House’.

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