Badger's Farm, Tysoe, Warwickshire

Description of this historic site

The building dates to at least 1798, shown on the inclosure map of that date and is likely to be the same as the farmhouse to which is attached (late 17th century) as the stone coursing carries on from one building to another. It is likely that it has always been an agricultural building. No evidence for any earlier building was recorded when trenches were excavated within the building and outside it. The ground appears undisturbed in these areas, above the natural clay.

Notes about this historic site

1Badger’s Farm house is a Grade 2 Listed Building dating to the later 17th century. The barn and the farmhouse run along the top of the plot and appear to be joined to the building to the west and both are shown on the first edition Ordanace Survey map of 1886. The name ‘Badger Farm’ may be related to the farmer names John Badger who Trade Directories and census records of the mid and later 19th century record in Lower Tysoe. The barn itself is a single story with two bays with a slit window locted in the south and north wall, one was blocked with a number of worn limestone cobbles in it suggesting the floor of the building was originally all cobbled.

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