Site of Manor House 100m NW of Church, Chesterton

Description of this historic site

The site of a manor house dating to the Medieval period which was probably surrounded by the moat. It was situated 100m north west of the church, Chesterton.

Notes about this historic site

1 The Post Medieval mansion (PRN 791) appears to have replaced a Medieval hall.
2 Manorial history described. In c1470 John Peyto rebuilt the moated manor by the church.
3 New Scheduling Information (was County No.106). The monument includes the buried and earthwork remains of the Medieval settlement (WA 788/WA 6306), a moated manorial site (WA 790 and WA 6302) and fishponds (WA 6303). St Giles Church, the churchwarden’s cottage and the northern half of the church cemetery are totally excluded from the scheduling.
4 Geophysical survey has disproved the siting of the manor on the moated platform. This instead was interpreted as a garden feature. The second manor house was possibly sited to the east of the moated site, where resistivity survey showed the layout of sophisticated gardens and evidence of a large building and paths. High resolution features along its east side might be plinths to support statuary of some kind that were part of a walled enclosure contemporary with the church. A large amount of building material, roof tiles, pottery, glass and small artifacts have been disturbed by rabbits.

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