Site of a Drovers Inn, Clinton Lane, Kenilworth

Description of this historic site

Site of a Drovers inn, situated in Clinton Lane. The building still exists as part of a cottage when the inn and cottage next door were knocked into one building in the 19thC.

Notes about this historic site

1 Site of a Drovers inn, Clinton Lane, Kenilworth.
Steward reports that there is a house in Clinton Lane which was used as an inn by drovers coming from north Wales. The present house was originally two cottages, and there is a cellar with stone floor and stone slabs raised off the floor for keeping beer in the north half of the cottage.
Steward has not established the date the inn ceased trading but surmises it closed shortly after 1836 when the two cottages were converted into one. He adds that shortly after this date, cattle were transferred by the new railways.

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