Site of possible WWII Cold Storage Depot

Description of this historic site

Site of a 20th century civil defence building. It may be a Second World War cold storage depot. It is visible on an aerial photograph. The building was located to the west of Stratford upon Avon railway station.

Notes about this historic site

1 Site of possible WWII Cold Storage Depot shows up on 1946 aerial photograph.
2 2 buildings of similar size and scale are visible on either side of an access track on the 1946 RAF photograph; the site has subsequently been redeveloped and is now in use as a supermarket car park. Boundary of monument adjusted to reflect this.
3 In the post-war period this site was a Ministry of Agriculture Food Depot. Both of the main buildings had alternate names; the cold store was also referred to as a Meat Store; the second building was either a Flour Store or a Bulk Store. Photograph included of the Cold Store, with pipework in the foreground.
4 Photograph from 1950 showing the Cold Store loop line adjacent to Platform 3 of the GWR station, for loading operations.

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