Site of Poss Standing Stone 400m SW of Cross Hands

Description of this historic site

A stone recorded in the 1920s and interpreted as an Early Neolithic long barrow. Alternatively it may have been a Prehistoric standing stone or a natural feature. The site lay 1.4 km south of Little Compton.

Notes about this historic site

1 A prostrate stone, 2.0m long, 0.7m wide in the middle and 0.6m thick near the base, with many loose stones and nettles growing round it. There appears to be a small round tump 50 paces to the NE.
2 No trace of either feature remains and it is likely that they belonged to a natural limestone ridge, revealed by excavation.
3 The field, under plough, lies on the E crest of a ridge and no trace of either feature was found. They were probably associated with one of a series of low natural limestone ridges, marked by heavy stone scatters, which cross the field from NE to SW.

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