Brodan Stret (the broad road), Wootton Wawen

Description of this historic site

The route of a road dating to the Early Medieval and Medieval periods. It may have originated as one of a series of drove roads linking Arden and Feldon. It is located south of Outhill and heads towards Wootton Wawen.

Notes about this historic site

1 Road running NW/SE towards Wootton Wawen. Mentioned as the ‘brodan stret’ or broad road in a charter dated AD 709 (but probably spurious). One of a series of such routes which may have originated as droveways linking Arden and Feldon. It may originally have continued SE to Pennyford in Wootton Wawen before being deflected to the east towards the newly established minster in Wootton Wawen parish after the 9th century.
2 Map showing route.

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