The Pig Killer of Bishops Itchington

The New Inn, High Street, Bishops Itchington.
Image courtesy of Bill Sutton

My grandfather Henry Robbins, 1863-1950 lived in Bishops Itchington all of his life. Following his marriage to my grandmother Amy Hemmings in 1891, they lived in the old mansion buildings. Henry was both an agricultural labourer and worked at the limestone quarries at Harbury. Henry was best known in the village as the local pig killer.

The New Inn

This picture taken in September 1916 shows Henry, on the left, standing outside the New Inn at Bishops Itchington. The inn advertises good stabling and the Wadhope family on the right of the picture lived at the inn. I remember the building being used as a shop in the 1950s, but it is now a desirable residence on the corner of High Street.

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