Rugby Cattle Market

Rugby Cattle Market, 1963.
Reproduced by permission of Rugby Library. Gift from Rugby Photographic Society

I only went to Rugby Cattle Market on a school trip. The thing I remember most was the noise of the place. It was a constant bustle and commotion, lots of shouting. The auctions were fun though – didn’t have a clue what the auctioneer was saying, but it all seemed to work!

And it was all over so quickly.

Fat Stock Report

Anyway, the cattle market is now closed in Rugby, it’s now the site of a supermarket and hotel, I think, among other things. The Nuneaton Observer of December 11th, 1964 gives a ‘Fat Stock Report’. They mention how “a heavy entry of fat pigs met a firm trade with pockets and cutters averaging 35s. per score.”

Sheep, bullocks… The report matches up to my memory of it being a busy place!

Do you have any memories of the market? Did you buy or sell there? Do you have stories about your time using the market and your own background? Let us know below in the comments section.

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