10 Coten End, Warwick

Coten End, 1937.
Warwickshire County Record Office reference CR 2487/Box 85/1224.

This photograph was found in a Building Byelaw application file from 1937, for the erection of a house, milk shop and dairy: the photograph of the site was taken by the applicant. The photograph shows 8 and 10 Coten End, with parts of the adjoining buildings. These central buildings are shown to be timber-framed, since the exposed gable end of No.10 has a collar and queen posts, with dormers sitting on the front wall plate of both properties.

The documentary evidence shows that a block of three houses had been built between 1622 and 1714 (probably in the later 17th century) on part of a plot of land purchased by Anthony Stoughton, of St Johns House, in 1622. It was described, at that time, as lying between a house of his (which can be identified with 6 Coten End (now demolished) and a property which can be identified with 18 Coten End (now Healey Court). This property had previously been owned by the Monastery of Chacombe, and the part adjoining 18 Coten End was referred to as Chacombe Close in 1694.

Sold off separately

The three cottages (previously held by Oliver Whood) were conveyed by Hannah Mustin to Samuel Gazey in 1714, before being sold off separately. No.8 Coten End was held by Elizabeth Williams at the time of the Enclosure Award in 1773, and was still shown as such on the 1786 town map. No.10 Coten End was sold to Thomas Cattel in 1765, who still held it in 1773. The third house (part of 12-16 Coten End) was held by William Smith in 1773 and was sold by him to John Warng in 1780, who is recorded as holding it on the 1786 map. He sold it to Thomas Cattell in 1787 (according to the deed bundle). These two properties were sold to the Earl of Warwick in 1830, and are shown as being in his ownership on the 1836 estate map, unlike No.8, which is unlisted (presumably due to being in separate ownership).

The house on the site of part of 12-16 Coten End is shown as having been redeveloped by the date of this map, a fact confirmed by the 1851 Board of Health map, with No.12 being shown on the 1937 photograph.

References can be consulted at the Warwickshire County Record Office: the 1851 Board of Health maps for Warwick are very detailed, CR 1618; the Building Bye Law application, CR 2487/Box 85/1224

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