Wolston Mill

Description of this historic site

Wolston Mill, a watermill that was built in the Medieval period. It continued to be used until the end of the Imperial period. The mill buildings were later demolished. It was situated 600m south west of St. Margaret's Church, Wolston.

Notes about this historic site

1 This mill may have stood on the site of the mill at Brandon which is recorded in 1086. The head race to the mill leaves the river opposite the earthworks of Brandon Castle. It may also have been the mill known as ‘Perimulne’ which was given to Coombe Abbey in the early 13th century. Wolston Mill is recorded by the end of the 13th century. Details of ownership exist from the mid 19th century onwards. Milling is thought to have ceased by 1914. All that remains of the unusual mill building is one corner near the wheel pit. It was built of brick with a hipped roof, incorporating the mill house which had arched windows on the ground floor and oval ones above. The mill was demolished c1953 and the machinery sold for scrap. There was a single waterwheel fed by a short head race which is now dry.
2 There are some remains of the demolished mill still to be seen: the site of the wheel and race, also a brick tunnel (probably an overflow or bypass channel), and other miscellaneous brick and masonry.

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