Penny Ford Mill, Wootton Wawen

Description of this historic site

Penny Ford Mill, the remains of a watermill. This may be one of three mills in Wootton Wawen recorded in the Domesday survey. By 1900 it had gone out of use. The building survives, much altered, 300m north east of Pennyford Lane.

Notes about this historic site

1 This may have been one of the three mills in Wootton Wawen recorded in 1086. Nothing else is known of its early history. Information on ownership exists for the 19th century and the mill seems to have ceased working by 1900. The building was converted into a house earlier in this century and all the machinery removed. The waterwheel was removed by 1930. The appearance of the building has been considerably altered. The wheel was mounted externally in a small wheelhouse, but this too has been removed.
2 Description in Victoria County History.
3 Photographed in 1980.

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