Abbey Pool

Description of this historic site

Abbey Pool, the earthworks of a mill pond dating to the Medieval or Post Medieval period. The site is to the north west of the Abbey Fields.

Notes about this historic site

1 The site of the Abbey Pool is an area of low-lying marshy ground with no surveyable limits. It lies between the Finham Brook and high ground to the N, and is bounded on the E by the slopes of the dam for the Priory Mill. No escarpment on the N side could be attributed definitely to the pool. The bank to the S side beside the stream appears to be too low in its present state to have retained any appreciable quantity of water. It is 0.5m high on average.
2 Plan.
3 A survey completed has shown that it would have been possible to supply ‘the Barn’ with water from Abbey Pool.
4 The site is within the Scheduled area of the SAM of Kenilworth Abbey (Monument Number 35115).

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