Findspot - Post Medieval swords

Description of this historic site

Findspot - two swords of Post Medieval date were found when an outhouse was removed from a cottage in Knightcote.

Notes about this historic site

1 Two swords, found in base of wall of outhouse at a cottage, Knightcote, when the outhouse was removed.
2 These could be of the Civil War period, though the type did go on into the 18th century. They were probably made either in Solingen or, just possibly, by German craftsmen from Solingen who were working at Hounslow and later near Oxford from the 1630s until at least the beginning of the Commonwealth.
3 The correspondance gives the address as Pear Tree Cottage. The location has now been moved to this point as opposed to the random spot in a field 600m west. The blades were found in 1972.

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